Patient and caregiver perspectives on virtual care: a patient-oriented qualitative study

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Virtual Care Access and Health Equity during the COVID-19 Pandemic, a qualitative study of patients with chronic diseases from Canada

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Patient Perceptions on the Virtual Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Clinic during COVID-19

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Virtual epilepsy clinics – A Canadian Comprehensive Epilepsy Center experience pre-COVID and during the COVID-19 pandemic period

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Bioethical Principles in Home-Based Virtual Care

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Virtual Care for Neurological Practice

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Home Virtual Visits for Outpatient Follow-Up Stroke Care: Cross-Sectional Study

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Virtual Care Experiences from Non-Physician Health Care Providers

Webinar: Virtual Care Evaluation Methods | Canada Health Infoway (

  • An exploratory qualitative research study from the Translational Institute of Medicine at Queen’s University about the experiences of non-physician health care professionals caring for patients virtually.
  • Presented by Dr. Heather Braund, Health Education Researcher and Consultant, Queen’s University and Dr. Ramana Appireddy, Director, Digital Health Research Group, Queen’s University.